Creative Shift

A boutique consultancy company based uniquely within Birmingham Hippodrome, Creative Shift brings business to creatives and creativity to business. Creative Shift works with businesses to increase productivity and profit and services include consultancy, coaching, speaking and event facilitation, away days and strategic retreats.

The Situation

Creative Shift (formerly Fierce Earth) underwent a major reorganisation in 2010 followed by an aquisition by Birmingham Hippodrome in 2011. This took place at the same time that major public bodies, which formed the majority of Fierce Earth's income, were cut or closed down. The business was in a loss-making position.

The Solution

Angela worked with the management team to rebrand, refocus and clarify the company's offering. She brokered some vital introductions to potential customers and suppliers. The sales process, service packaging and corporate message were all transformed. 

The Result

The company relaunched as Creative Shift, with a total rebrand. Over the last three years, Creative Shift has increased profits by 20% year on year, improved turnover by 30% year on year, allowing the company to wipe out its accumulated deficit and consolidate the balance sheet.

"Angela's work with Creative Shift has been transformational for the business. Over an extended period of time she has anticipated the market trends and competitive pressures and allowed us to have an intelligent response to them. She has a particular strength in developing sales capability and marketing. With her influence and guidance Creative Shift has become a distinctive offering in the consultancy market, confident of its strengths and sure of its values."

Helga Henry - Director