Having quintupled Fracino’s turnover, trebled the workforce and taken the business to record new heights, Angela now transfers her entrepreneurial vision, sales and marketing capabilities and organisational experience to achieve the same results for other start-up businesses, SMEs and their stakeholders.

The following results are typical of Acuwomen's clients and associated businesses:

  • Keysoft – Brand refreshment, internationalisation and sales strategy leading to £1million in increased sales
  • Reike - Growth in turnover from £12.9m to £20m in 3 years
  • Creative Shift – rebrand and new markets strategy leading to 20% increase in profits, reversing accumulated losses
  • Strategic advice and new infrastructure introduced leading to Cornbrook nearly doubling in size, and posting a record turnover of £2.2 million
  • Thermaset - Creating an export strategy and continued growth in a recession-hit market.